The ways in which Mind Engineer products and training can benefit your company are almost limitless...

Remove the emotional blocks that are hindering your staff in performing at their peak ability. Cutting edge tools that can allow your staff to control the emotional impact of stress, remove presentation anxiety, conflict resolution and many more benefits. Give your business the best chance of success possible using these techniques!

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Fast track to Happiness

Happy people are those individuals who have found a way to easily achieve their core values and interpret the world in an empowering way...

At last an approach and methodology that blasts away the emotional causes of unhappiness without the need for years of positive self talk or reading dozens of ineffective self help books. Practical and cutting edge solutions to this age old problem are finally available.

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Become infinitely more productive and successful with your clients utilising the techniques available to you here...

After decades of stagnation the science of Psychology and Therapy has finally been dragged into the 21st century! The weeks and months of ineffective treatment and drugs can now be a ghost of the past. Ensure you become one of the first generation of therapists to unleash these new mind technologies on clients in need.

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Although PSTEC is simple to use some people prefer to be guided through the process...

Whether you are a therapist requiring advice troubleshooting with a particular client, or a client who has seen many therapists without success, often in just one session we can outline a strategy for success. I have successfully consulted therapists and clients all over the world.

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Although PSTEC is simple to use some people prefer to be guided through the process...

Brand new techniques to reduce excessive stress that works directly where the problem lies – in the emotional part of the brain. Easy to use and staggeringly effective in practice. No matter how stressed an individual is, the techniques available here have the ability to completely remove the stress in a very short space of time.

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Here at the mind engineer, my aim is to provide the very best psychological resources to individuals and the corporate world that can quickly clear away emotional pain and stress, in addition to making happiness, joy and success an integral part of an individual’s life. The free basic material alone will often be enough to make rapid changes that years of therapy or self help failed to touch.

Until now psychological approaches have been inadequate at best with any improvements generally taking a great deal of time. However certain advances have occurred in the past few years that will literally revolutionise the way in which therapists, self helpers, the corporate world and government will approach this topic.

Integral to these huge advancements in psychological treatment is the creation of a brand new therapy called Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC) two years ago by Tim Phizackerley. Imagine if you had a tool at your disposal which allowed you to remove any and all painful emotions if that was your desire? Whether this be a phobia, anxiety about a presentation at work, a failed relationship, a job interview, unresolved grief, a traumatic event from the past, any kind of stress, resentment, anger and an infinite number of other situations and contexts that life throws at us? Percussive Suggestion Technique is such a tool and is available for free on this website. CLICK HERE

In essence this technique enables an individual to remove an emotion from a thought. The thought can be a painful past memory or any real or imagined scenarios in the mind. This may not sound like much but once you understand how intertwined our emotions, beliefs and our experience of reality are, you will realise how profound this ability actually is. Most emotional problems originate in the subconscious mind and PSTEC allows us for the first time, to target problems at their source. For further information CLICK HERE.

In addition to PSTEC, a number of other cutting edge techniques and information will be made available that can be used independently or in conjunction with PSTEC. These are the very best tools and perspectives from around the world that are largely unknown to the public and psychological community at large. Ultimately, my aim is to give people the practical tools they need to make their lives effortless, exciting and enjoyable.